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Beginners Garden Supplies

Gardening is a one of the most popular outdoor activities for any time of the year. Any backyard, patio or balcony can be turned into a garden with creativity and will. Here are some essential garden supplies to get you started.

A selection Of Garden Supplies

Garden Planters

Planters are very useful to gardening enthusiasts living in apartments or homes with modestly-sized backyards. These garden accessories allow you to turn any space into a miniature garden. Planters can help you create an herb garden in your kitchen or a colorful spread of flowers in your patio. Add restful splashes of green around the home with indoor plants in attractive flower pots and window boxes. Make your own recycled garden accessories by turning discarded or unused furniture and equipment into functional and attractive planters. An old gardening shoe, a wine barrel or even an old colander can be transformed into a unique planting pot for your garden.

Gardening Gloves

A sturdy pair of gardening gloves should be part of every garden supplies kit. Gloves protect your hands from chapping, scratches and blisters while you work in your garden. They also keep your hands clean, healthy and offer a comfortable grip.

A well-fitted glove is essential to a comfortable gardening experience. Stretchable spandex blends are a great choice for garden accessories like gloves as they provide a snug, comfortable fit. Look for breathable, antimicrobial materials that allow your skin to breathe. Bamboo blends are a good choice for gardening gloves, as they are both antibacterial and well-ventilated. Select gloves with close-fitting wrist cuffs, which keep out dirt and debris while fitting comfortably around the wrists.

A Gardening Journal

A journal is one of the most useful garden supplies any gardener can have. Every gardening enthusiast needs a place where they can record their notes, tips and progress reports. A gardening journal is a great way to keep track of that fertilizer formula that worked so well or the name of that prize-winning pumpkin. Jot down notes on weather patterns, new plants and garden suppliers, blooming cycles, garden equipment guidelines and more. Add diagrams and photos of garden plots and new designs and arrangements to try out. A garden journal allows you to organize and save all your hard-earned knowledge, ideas and plans in one, easy-to-access location.

Turn any corner of your home into a restful green retreat using these garden supplies and tips.


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